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UZBL leapfrogs the competition for most rugged and innovative iPad case

Newport Coast, Ca, July 7, 2013 – UZBL (pronounced "usable") announces it's new ShockWave case for iPad 2/3/4. The ShockWave is the ultimate rugged iPad case with the most sleek style in it's class. Like all UZBL cases it consists of a ribbed layer of silicone that was engineered to provide the highest degree of protection by cushioning the iPad from shock and drops. This is combined with a screen cover and polycarbonate frame for added protection and added features. The ShockWave case makes industry innovations in the following areas:

- The screen protector is more clear than the others. The perception is that there was nothing covering the screen, because it feels like the native glass

- An adjustable stand is added into the case that is completely modular and replacable with a hand strap

- UZBL trademark Air cells and ribs create the most shock absorbancy, which also create an "echo chamber" to channel audio forward for louder and more clear sound

About UZBL

Founded in 2010 and located in Newport Coast, Ca, UZBL created the first iPad case for kids. The company's products are now found in schools across the country protecting and cushioning iPad's versions 2-4, ipad mini's and tablet technology from Google and Lenovo. Seeking constant feedback from educators and parents, UZBL aims to have a range of products that make tablets even more usable and versatile in school and home settings. More info on UZBL can be found at

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